On Target

Lock onto your targets with the right IT support

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not. Rather, it’s one of the latest developments in modern weaponry. It could have dramatic effect on how we use guns.

It’s called the AimLock Stabilized Weapon Platform, and the US military is currently testing it. The new technology marries a traditional rifle with some impressive, real-time computing power. The shooter aims, but the gun’s casing assists by compensating for movement and wobble. This should make it far easier for soldiers to hit the intended target, even from a moving vehicle.

The system is still in early development, but tests are promising. Eventually, a shooter will be able to “lock onto” a target by aiming near it. The advantage for the battlefield would be considerable.

Talk about a game-changer.

How’s your IT support aim?

IT support has more in common with aimlock than you might think. Hang with us. The similarities are compelling.

1. IT support helps you establish targets.

What does IT support have to do with your business goals? A lot.

It’s tempting to think of IT support as nothing but, well, support. It’s right there in the name. And it’s true – good IT support does play a support role. But it has the potential to play a significant strategic role, too.

When your IT support is top-tier, you’ll have some useful data at your fingertips. You’ll know what processes currently work and where your bottlenecks are. You can use that information to plot a course for growth, working to eliminate hiccups. The more efficient you are, the lower your costs and the higher your customer satisfaction.

Solid IT support can be a tool for streamlining your organization.

2. If IT support isn’t lined up, it’s really hard to hit your targets.

Of course, efficiency isn’t your primary target. Profitability is. And sub par IT support makes that more difficult than it should be.

Ineffective IT support is like the end-all-be-all of shooter wobble. It’s like trying to sharpshoot from the bed of a pickup truck that’s doing 65 on a street full of speedbumps. Could you still hit your target? Sure, but it’s not likely.

Practically every area of your company relies on technology. It’s woven into everything from your phone system to your calendar. It’s easy to forget how prominent it is . . . until you don’t have it.

Effective IT support minimizes those painful moments. Proactive maintenance keeps you running at full capacity as much as possible, and responsive helpdesk support gets you back online when there’s a misfire.

3. The right kind of IT support can help you lock onto your targets.

When your technology works the way it’s supposed to, you can focus on what really matters to you. You have the freedom to engage with your staff, drive organizational growth, tackle aggressive projects, and ensure work/life balance. Those are the things that improve ROI and quality of life.

That’s so much better than spending hours trying to figure out why the printer isn’t working.

Your IT support partner.

IT support is only as good as the provider. With the right IT support partner, your aim gets considerably sharper. That’s how you connect with bullseyes.

Here at CCS Technology, we have a passion for providing that kind of IT support. We don’t see ourselves as a vendor, but as an extension of our client’s organization. We take sincere pride in delivering the best IT support around. And we have the expertise to make that claim stick.

If you’re looking for an IT support partner, we invite you to give us a call. Let’s recalibrate your sights. With the right IT support, you can hit the targets that matter most.