key firewall features

The Key Features to Look for In Your Firewall

Keeping your front door locked is the first step in keeping intruders out of your home. Keeping your network’s front door locked is the first step in keeping intruders out of your systems. A firewall provides that first line of defense for your business. Here’s what to look for.
risks of poor collaboration in the workplace

5 Risks of Poor Collaboration in the Workplace

Poor collaboration can have a number of negative effects on a business. Some are (expensive) nuisances. Others could actually threaten a company with legal problems or security risks. Here are five major risks of poor collaboration.
choosing cloud provider

Choose Your Cloud Provider Without Going Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo…

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure offer a range of cloud services that can meet your business needs. How do you choose among them? Consider these factors.
backup challenges

Effective Backups Need to Address These Challenges

Backups are conceptually easy, but implementing an effective backup process isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Making a backup process that really works has to address these challenges.
Managed Services Solution

Whatever Your IT Problem, There’s a Managed Services Solution

Can managed services solve your IT problem? Chances are, it can: managed services are available to help you address almost any IT need. The scope of managed IT services available includes the following.
ERP for Accounting and Financial Management

5 Benefits of ERP for Accounting and Financial Management

We will outline some of the reasons it’s wise to use ERP for accounting. At a high level, though, most of these benefits relate to one core issue, which is integration. Accounting systems require data inputs from a variety of sources.
microsoft teams increase collaboration

Improving Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

The drive for better ways to collaborate in corporate life never stops. Now, with Microsoft Teams, we have one collaboration solution that unifies the most common functions required to enable people to get things done productively.
reasons distributors need ERP Software

5 Reasons Distributors Need ERP Software

Today, modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions give distributors new ways to cut costs and shorten that all-important cash cycle. Here are five reasons you need ERP software if you’re in the distribution business
it security basics

Don’t Overlook These Information Security Basics

The reason companies fail at information security isn’t because they aren’t installing the latest high-tech defensive software. It’s because they aren’t taking care of the security basics. What are some of the other information security basics you might be overlooking?