IT Professional Job Description – What do they really do?

So, you’re working on drafting an IT professional job description.…

The Hidden Costs of Hiring an IT Tech

If your business is at the point where you’re thinking about…
IT staffing managed services

You Can’t Solve Your IT Staffing Problem with Technology

The best way for business IT teams to get those additional people isn’t by hiring them directly. Instead, businesses should look at IT consulting and managed services as an efficient way to add skilled personnel to their teams.
cloud provider disaster recovery

Don’t Rely on Your Cloud Provider for Disaster Recovery

It surprises some to hear this, but cloud doesn’t come with disaster recovery built in. Creating and implementing a disaster recovery strategy for your cloud infrastructure is your responsibility.
low-stress ERP implementation

The Decision Maker's Playbook for a Low-Stress ERP Implementation

When companies move from accounting software to ERP, they are making a big decision that will impact the next decade of operations. The right partner can build, configure, and deliver the solution you need now and in the future.
fast ERP implementation

Don’t Let ERP Projects Turn into a War of Attrition

Whether you’re in the distribution space or looking to get your finances in order, Acumatica has developed a new methodology built to help you get up and running without the slow “trench warfare” implementation process that traditional ERP was known for.
true security compliance audit

True Security Doesn’t Mean Passing a Compliance Audit

Keeping company IT resources secure is a critical goal. Meeting compliance standards supports that effort, but achieving compliance isn’t the same as achieving security. This usually requires going beyond the baseline measures needed for compliance.
cloud migration monitoring strategy

Cloud Migration Requires a New Monitoring Strategy

The mixed environments businesses are supporting today are difficult to monitor. This complex environment makes monitoring complex, as well. In many cases, businesses should build out a new monitoring solution more capable of monitoring their mix of technologies.
ERP Functionality and Usability

Functionality and Usability: A Perfect Pairing for User Adoption

As we begin to wrap up our series on the realizations you may have when outgrowing entry level accounting software like QuickBooks, we would today like to turn our attention to two critical factors in getting users to embrace a new software—functionality and usability.