disaster recovery plan

Don’t Improvise Your Way Through Disaster Recovery

Given the importance of disaster recovery (DR), you don’t want to improvise through the planning—or worse, through the execution. Here are some best practices to make sure your disaster recovery follows an effective script.
cloud computing costs

9 Ways to Get Cloud Costs Under Control

Many companies turn to cloud services in an attempt to control computing costs, but it’s just as easy to rack up high expenses in the cloud. Here are 9 things you can do to make sure your cloud computing bill doesn’t grow unexpectedly large.
IT security obstacles

Don’t Let These Obstacles Get in the Way of Your IT Security

Although companies know information security is important, sometimes it isn’t really a priority. There are too many obstacles that get in the way of implementing effective security. Learn which you need to overcome.
managed IT services provider information

Give Your Managed Services Provider This Information If You Want Them to Succeed

After you’ve reviewed the benefits of managed services and completed a careful evaluation to choose the right managed services provider, you’ll want to take steps to make the transition to managed services successful. Gather information about the following topics.
compare acumatica to netsuite

Why Acumatica Outpaced NetSuite on the Most Recent G2 Survey

Prospective buyers of ERP software often compare Acumatica cloud ERP with Oracle NetSuite. In March of this year, a survey by G2 Crowd, the world's leading business soft­ware review platform, revealed a preference for Acumatica when compared with NetSuite.
what is erp software

What is ERP Software?

What is ERP software? That’s easy. ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” That’s what ERP does. But, what is enterprise resource planning, anyway? The software that bears this name has evolved so much since it was first invented that many people have lost track of what the term actually means.
productivity distribution management

Finding the Productivity Advantage in Distribution Management

Why does productivity matter in a distribution business? Employee productivity is an important factor in being able to scale a distribution business. Distribution management software features make a difference in employee productivity.
key firewall features

The Key Features to Look for In Your Firewall

Keeping your front door locked is the first step in keeping intruders out of your home. Keeping your network’s front door locked is the first step in keeping intruders out of your systems. A firewall provides that first line of defense for your business. Here’s what to look for.
risks of poor collaboration in the workplace

5 Risks of Poor Collaboration in the Workplace

Poor collaboration can have a number of negative effects on a business. Some are (expensive) nuisances. Others could actually threaten a company with legal problems or security risks. Here are five major risks of poor collaboration.