returning to work safe

Gaining Momentum before the Recovery: Preparing for a Safe Return to Work

Despite the move from lockdown to reality looking less like flipping the switch and more like accelerating, resilient businesses who turned to the cloud either before or during the lockdown have been reaping the rewards.
summer storms disaster recovery

Summer Storms Shouldn’t Take Down Your Servers

Summer means power outages. That can mean a data center outage; but it shouldn’t. All businesses should have appropriate disaster recovery plans to keep them functioning through power outages and other incidents that take down systems.
dark web IT security strategy

Searching the Dark Web Should be Part of Your Information Security Strategy

Every business is vulnerable to attack, but it isn’t always obvious that an attack was successful. Because hackers often post stolen data on the dark web, finding it there confirms that you’ve been attacked and lets you know what sensitive data was taken.
guide selecting ERP solution

Decision Maker’s Guide to Vetting and Selecting an ERP Solution

Following our articles discussing the challenges that growing businesses face when using desktop accounting software when they should be embracing ERP, we would today like to explore a few tips to make the selection and decision process easier.
ERP implementation plot twist

Avoiding an Implementation Plot Twist: Beware the ERP Predator

A recent report from Techventive, Inc. set out to show you some of the best and worst practices that potential technology partners may practice so that you can enjoy a plot twist-free ERP project.
information security focuses

Two Numbers to Keep in Mind When You Think About Information Security

Can you afford to lose more than eight million dollars in under a minute? No matter what your business is, it’s at risk, and protecting networks, data, servers, and other corporate IT resources need to be a priority.
cloud migration tips

5 Cloud Migration Mistakes to Avoid

Getting to cloud successfully can be a big challenge. Increase the chances of success by taking steps to avoid these mistakes when you plan your cloud migration.
tips for working in between

Five Tips for Working in the In-Between

We’ve reached an in-between status of this quarantine. With “in-between” operations, we’ve helped our clients through a few technology hiccups and wanted to help you avoid them too. Here are the top five things you need to know when working from wherever you’re expected to be.
new work world remote tips

How Do We Make This Work? 5 Ways to Adapt in this New Work World

We must create a new normal for how we work, manage network security, and maintain productivity across a more widespread team. Here’s how we recommend redefining work parameters to create the greatest opportunity for compliance and security in all work situations.