ROI Cloud

Calculating the ROI of Moving to the Cloud

The implementation of ERP software can smooth processes within a business, improving the overall ROI (return on investment) of an organization. Here are a handful of the ways an ERP system can improve ROI for businesses.
types of malware and how to defend against it

Different Kinds of Malware Need Different Kinds of Defenses

Malware can take many different routes to get into your systems, and once there, it can do many different things. Keeping your data safe requires protecting against all of those different potential paths and actions.
Cloud Options for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Understand the Different Cloud Options for Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy

Effective backup requires more than simply making another copy of a file. If you’re planning to backup files in the cloud, it’s important to know how to use the different options.
ERP Software Improve Efficiency

How to Improve Efficiency with a New ERP Solution

A modern ERP system can help businesses to better communicate goals, objectives, and strategies. By automating processes that come with the use of business productivity software, all areas of the business experience are smoother and benefit from more timely execution.
Fully Committed to the Cloud

Are You Fully Committed to Using Cloud?

What does it take to make a full commitment to the cloud? Some might say it means moving all your applications to the cloud and eliminating your on-premises data center. But there’s another step to making a complete transition to the cloud: using cloud native applications.
Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider

Choose the Right Managed Services Provider for Your Business

Once you consider the big benefits of using managed services and understand how they’ll help your business, you can confidently make the decision to use a managed services provider to handle your information technology. Learn the factors you'll want to consider.
Manage Business Processes in One Solution

How to Manage Your Business Processes in One Solution

Implementation of ERP software will drive review of business processes — it goes hand in hand with preparing the install and configuration of the software to suit a company’s needs. Review and adjustment of the way a business operates will dictate how the ERP solution is rolled out for a unique client.
Cybersecurity Ransomware

Don't Lose Your Files to Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of malware that holds your data hostage. When you're attacked by malware, it encrypts all your data. Since you don't have the key, you aren't able to read it. Typically you're asked to make a payment in cryptocurrency in exchange for the key. If you don't pay up by the deadline, the key is discarded and your data is lost for good.
CFO Modern Technology

How CFOs Can Utilize Modern Technology to Their Advantage

Business is changing and CFOs are charged with making critical decisions — in turn, they’re welcoming modern technology to help their organizations adapt as quickly as possible. There’s a push to accomplish more on modest budgets, and putting transformative initiatives into action under pressing timelines weighs on finance leaders.