cloud migration planning

Don’t Overlook These Aspects When You Plan Your Cloud Migration

Planning for the cloud requires taking a comprehensive look at your infrastructure. There’s more to consider than simply migrating data and applications. Don't overlook your network, security, monitoring, and backup and recovery.
CRM benefits integrated ERP

7 Benefits of CRM Software (That’s Integrated with ERP)

CRM solutions now enable highly sophisticated sales forecasting capabilities, customer support, and marketing management. They also integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions—potentially giving everyone in the business a clear picture of the customer at any given point in time.
defending against ransomware

Take These Steps to Avoid Expensive Ransomware Recovery Costs

Recovering from ransomware has cost affected entities millions of dollars—Baltimore spent more than $18 million to bring systems back to their normal state. To avoid budget-crushing costs, it’s imperative to defend against attacks and have a plan for responding to incidents.
2020 cloud choices and challenges

New Year, New Cloud Choices and Challenges

The new year brings new technology capabilities and new technology challenges. Here are some cloud challenges and choices you should be prepared for in 2020. Because of the complexities of cloud, it’s always a good idea to get help from an experienced partner.
manufacturing ERP selection tips

ERP Selection Tips for Manufacturers

New cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions like Acumatica give you capabilities that easily translate into improvements in efficiency, quality and profitability. With that in mind, here area few selection tips for selecting the right manufacturing ERP solution.
ASC 606 Compliance Deadline

Meeting the ASC 606 Compliance Deadline with Acumatica Deferred Revenue Accounting

Corporate accounting systems must be in compliance with the ASC 606 rule for revenue recognition as of December 15 of this year. This requirement will not be a problem for companies using Acumatica Cloud ERP’s Deferred Revenue Accounting module.
ERP saves money

How ERP Software Can Save Your Business Money

How does use of an ERP solution translate into savings? In the big picture, it’s about operating more efficiently. On a day-to-day basis, we see ERP saving money for our customers in other areas like inventory control, supply chain, more accurate and timely invoicing, better access to data, and more.
privileged users and information security risks

Rein in Privileged Users to Reduce Information Security Risks

The big risk of privileged accounts is that if they’re compromised—if their credentials are compromised or an employee acts improperly—they can create big damage. That’s why having a process to monitor and control privileged account usage is a critical piece of ensuring your information security.
disaster recovery testing

Make Sure Your Disaster Recovery Plan Isn’t Just Words on Paper

A written disaster recovery (DR) plan is a good start towards making sure your business can resume operations after an outage, but you won’t know how good those words are until you put them into action. It’s important to schedule periodic disaster recovery tests to try out your plan before you need to execute it for real.