what is the dark web

What is the Dark Web and Why Should We Care?

The Dark Web is a conglomeration of websites that cannot be found on search engines or accessed via traditional web browsers because their location and identity is hidden through encryption tools such as TOR. People create sites on the Dark Web in order to hide where they’re operating from.
distribution industry trends 2020 ERP

Looking at 2020 Distribution Industry Trends with ERP in Mind

Distribution challenges loom as 2020 approaches. Distribution businesses must keep up to meet their goals of continued growth. ERP software specialized for distribution offers a solution. Here is a selection of pressing trends in distribution that can be addressed by ERP.
information security culture

Create An Information Security Culture to Protect Your Data

Who do you rely on to keep your data safe? If your answer is your information security team, you’re only half right. Because everyone can cause a security incident, information security is everybody’s job. Making everyone realize that requires deliberately creating a culture of information security.
hybrid cloud flexibility

Hybrid Cloud Provides Increased Flexibility In How You Use Cloud Services

One of the biggest advantages of cloud is how flexible it is. You have flexibility in whether your cloud is public or private. You even have the flexibility to combine a public and private cloud to create a hybrid cloud that offers the benefit of both.
financial management challenges and how ERP solves

How ERP Software Solves Your Business’s Top Financial Management Challenges

Even the best-run companies face financial management challenges. Help is available from ERP solutions, as exemplified by Acumatica. They include financial management software along with a full range of accounting functions like general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.
benefits ERP software for distribution

Benefits of ERP Software for Distribution Business Management

Distribution companies face many challenges in managing their inventories, supply chains and logistics activities in the wake of shifting demand, costs and other variables. ERP software takes the place of legacy systems that don’t hold up in today’s interconnected, fast-paced market.
erp software 101

ERP Software 101: History and Modules Available

By integrating numerous modules into a single system, users can access data based on their role and organizational requirements and trends. The modular architecture of ERP software also makes it scalable.
signs you need ERP software

7 Signs that You Need ERP Software

An ERP solution provides an integrated suite of applications that manage business processes. The signs pointing to ERP-need aren’t that obvious, unless you know what to look for. Then, it can become really clear that you are in need of an ERP solution. Here are seven such signs.
KPIs for distribution

Making the Most of KPIs in Distribution

When it comes to improving your business performance, data is a good thing. But having too much data can be even worse than not having enough—you’ll get so buried in reports that you’ll miss the most important indicators of your business health.