Interview With An IT Apprentice

Jacob: “This is Jacob with CCS and today we are here with Viram. So Viram, tell me a bit about yourself.”

Viram: “I’m 17 years old, a senior at rolling meadows high school and I’m in the D214 Apprenticeship program.”


Jacob: “What got you interested in pursuing IT?”

Viram: “My dad’s worked in IT and when I was 11 years old in middle school, I attended an IT career fair & joined a coding club.”


Jacob: “What certifications have you pursued so far?”

Viram: “I have my CompTIA ITF and my CompTIA A+.”


Jacob: “When did you start your apprenticeship at CCS?”

Viram: “I started on June 6th and have been here for one month.”


Jacob: “Has CCS helped you further your experience in the IT field?”

Viram: “Yes, one hundred percent, they’ve provided me with hands on experience that I felt I was lacking, it is one thing is to be taught in a classroom but it’s another thing to be physically doing the work.”


Jacob: “What do you like most about being a part of CCS?”

Viram: “The energetic environment.”


Jacob: “What do you see yourself doing in the future?”

Viram: “I see myself going to college majoring in computer science, and I do plan to stay with CCS.”


Jacob: “Do you want to specialize in an individual field?”

Viram: “I want to pursue cyber security.”


Jacob: “What’re you currently doing for CCS?”

Viram: “Taking on client tickets, speaking with customers, and resolving issues like troubleshooting.”


Jacob: “What led you to CCS?”

Viram: “I’ve been in the computer and network pathway with school for 3 years, the distract manager reached out to me and explained a new challenging opportunity which was this apprenticeship, that guided me to CCS, and CCS allowed me to apply my skills learned from the computer networking pathway.”


Jacob: “Who has provided the most support in your role here at CCS so far?”

Viram: “It’s really been everybody here, but if I had to pick one person it would be Chris Adams has been a major help and has guided me to help my success, I truly see CCS as a very tight knit company.”


We here at CCS would like to thank Viram for being a hard worker eager to learn, and all of Distract 214 for encouraging young great minds like Viram to pursue their dreams and equipping them with the tools and opportunities to do so.