Is Your Current MSP Really Protecting You And Your Business?

If you have concerns about the latest Microsoft vulnerability reported in the news, worry less with CCS! Our team is dedicated to providing fast solutions to technical problems that occur.  When you partner with CCS we monitor, protect, and prevent cyber threats like this.

Below is what we’re doing to continuously protect our clients from the Follina Vulnerability and numerous other exploitations that hackers use every day.


– Our email filters were immediately updated to watch for affected Office files coming inbound to our clients.

–  We pushed the recommended Microsoft workaround to our client machines automatically in the background, while they continued to work.

– With our 2 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) security tools that our clients are now being protected by CCS can detect and stop an infection before it causes more damage for the client.


CCS is SECURITY OBSESSED. Contact us to understand how we can protect YOU!