More IT Expertise – 40% Lower Cost

The average salary for an IT employee in Illinois is $77,267 in 2022. If you include compensation, benefits and payroll taxes, the average IT employee costs your company more than $90,000 per year or $7,500 per month.


If your 50 employee company has 2 IT employees, that’s $15,000 per month.


Why not cut your IT expenses by more than 40% and get access to the expertise of 30 IT professionals instead of 2 IT employees? This is the value of an IT Managed Services Provider.


Reduce your IT expenses AND have access to industry-leading IT best practices including cybersecurity protection, network support, PC and server updates and help desk support for all your employees. We also monitor all your IT systems 24 hours a day to detect issues before they affect your network performance.


We want to be your technology partner. Call us today at 224-840-5868 to find out how you can get comprehensive IT expertise while also reducing your IT expenses dramatically.

Managed Services: Why Clients Choose Us

  • Infrastructure & User Support

Our top-tier engineers know how to configure your network for optimum performance—having earned certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, and SonicWall.

  • Tech Vendor Liaison Communication

We manage communications with your tech vendors, so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Project Planning

Our project planning team assists you on big and small projects (e.g., Office 365 migration, server upgrade, firewall installation).

  • Asset Inventory Maintenance

CCS tracks all network hardware/software, including workstations (laptops/desktops), firewalls, access points, etc.—and provides a copy for your inventory records

  • Licensing & Warranty Tracking

Tired of the alerts notifying you to extend your Microsoft Office licensing? We manage it for you. Better yet, we process the renewals, too!

  • Hardware & Software Procurement Advising

If your hardware is out of date (or approaching end of life), CCS advises you on which hardware will fit perfectly in the network and within your budget.

  • Cyber Security Training & Testing / Password Management

CCS provides your team with critical cyber training.  We run simulated phishing attacks to ensure that your employees know how to spot a hacker—and, in the process, can protect your sensitive data. We also enforce a strict password policy and can quickly supply the password to an employee who has forgotten it.

Biggest Hack in Q3 of 2022

On July 21st, 2022, just four weeks ago, Twitter made the news when a hacker who works under an alias posted on breach forums that they obtained 5.43 million twitter users personal data including email addresses and phone numbers.

In less than 8 days on July 29th the post was taken down. The hacker responsible was attempting to sell this information for just over $30,000. This vulnerability was brought to light in January 2022 by a white hat hacker. Twitter announced that the vulnerability had been patched but with 5.4 million users’ data breached, we find that the patch was not secure enough.

If you have any questions on cyber security and how to avoid being a victim contact us today for a free consultation. Lastly a friendly reminder, make sure to use some form of multifactor authentication. It is never too late to secure your digital life.

Interview With An IT Apprentice

Jacob: “This is Jacob with CCS and today we are here with Viram. So Viram, tell me a bit about yourself.”

Viram: “I’m 17 years old, a senior at rolling meadows high school and I’m in the D214 Apprenticeship program.”


Jacob: “What got you interested in pursuing IT?”

Viram: “My dad’s worked in IT and when I was 11 years old in middle school, I attended an IT career fair & joined a coding club.”


Jacob: “What certifications have you pursued so far?”

Viram: “I have my CompTIA ITF and my CompTIA A+.”


Jacob: “When did you start your apprenticeship at CCS?”

Viram: “I started on June 6th and have been here for one month.”


Jacob: “Has CCS helped you further your experience in the IT field?”

Viram: “Yes, one hundred percent, they’ve provided me with hands on experience that I felt I was lacking, it is one thing is to be taught in a classroom but it’s another thing to be physically doing the work.”


Jacob: “What do you like most about being a part of CCS?”

Viram: “The energetic environment.”


Jacob: “What do you see yourself doing in the future?”

Viram: “I see myself going to college majoring in computer science, and I do plan to stay with CCS.”


Jacob: “Do you want to specialize in an individual field?”

Viram: “I want to pursue cyber security.”


Jacob: “What’re you currently doing for CCS?”

Viram: “Taking on client tickets, speaking with customers, and resolving issues like troubleshooting.”


Jacob: “What led you to CCS?”

Viram: “I’ve been in the computer and network pathway with school for 3 years, the distract manager reached out to me and explained a new challenging opportunity which was this apprenticeship, that guided me to CCS, and CCS allowed me to apply my skills learned from the computer networking pathway.”


Jacob: “Who has provided the most support in your role here at CCS so far?”

Viram: “It’s really been everybody here, but if I had to pick one person it would be Chris Adams has been a major help and has guided me to help my success, I truly see CCS as a very tight knit company.”


We here at CCS would like to thank Viram for being a hard worker eager to learn, and all of Distract 214 for encouraging young great minds like Viram to pursue their dreams and equipping them with the tools and opportunities to do so.

Is Your Current MSP Really Protecting You And Your Business?

If you have concerns about the latest Microsoft vulnerability reported in the news, worry less with CCS! Our team is dedicated to providing fast solutions to technical problems that occur.  When you partner with CCS we monitor, protect, and prevent cyber threats like this.

Below is what we’re doing to continuously protect our clients from the Follina Vulnerability and numerous other exploitations that hackers use every day.


– Our email filters were immediately updated to watch for affected Office files coming inbound to our clients.

–  We pushed the recommended Microsoft workaround to our client machines automatically in the background, while they continued to work.

– With our 2 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) security tools that our clients are now being protected by CCS can detect and stop an infection before it causes more damage for the client.


CCS is SECURITY OBSESSED. Contact us to understand how we can protect YOU!

Why Your Business Needs a Managed Service Provider

What is an MSP?

An MSP is a Managed Service Provider. Managed services means you outsource the responsibility for the security/maintenance of your computer network. When done well, managed services can create operational efficiencies and reduce expenditures—a one-two knockout punch!


Why Should You Consider an MSP?

Outsourcing IT to an MSP allows your team to focus on building your business and providing exceptional service, without having to troubleshoot IT issues.


Rather than hiring IT staff, which is costly when you factor in both salary and benefits, CCS Technology will become your go-to IT resource. Our certified, top-tier engineers collectively offer you a much deeper knowledge pool. And, unlike staff, our engineers are available 24/7. No more worrying about the computer network when your “IT guy” is on vacation, home sick, or, worse yet, in the hospital.


As you well know, your business relies heavily on technology. You need it to work. That’s where CCS Technology makes a difference. We fix problems before they occur to keep your IT running.


CCS Technology proactively monitors the health of your network 24/7, while also applying essential security patches and software updates. And, unlike some MSPs, when you need someone onsite, CCS will dispatch an engineer quickly to rectify the problem. Of course, peace of mind comes with a price, but that cost is much less than the expense of unexpected tech issues that aren’t in the budget.


Bottom line—partnering with CCS Technology means your business will run more efficiently, which translates into serious cost savings.

Cybersecurity Insurance to Protect Your Data

Cybersecurity is one of the foremost concerns of many companies today. Especially for small and medium businesses that utilize online sales. To face these unforeseeable attacks, you can prepare ahead of time by taking out a dependable cybersecurity insurance plan. This coverage gives you a chance to recoup what you might potentially lose in the face of a cyber-attack. The risk of cyberattacks gets higher each year as online criminals continue to improve in their craft. They work around the clock, devising new and innovative methods to supersede whatever security software IT companies create. As a business owner, you must always be on your toes and ensure your network and data are secure. Ask yourself, is your business currently protected with the latest cybersecurity technology? If you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have the time to worry about such things, but you should.

Boost Your Protection with Cybersecurity Insurance

It is wise to consider investing in a comprehensive cybersecurity insurance plan. Despite having seemingly ironclad protection, there is no 100% guarantee that hackers will not be able to penetrate your virtual walls. These crooks are extremely good at what they do. Just in case the unthinkable happens, and you fall victim to a nasty cyber incident, a cybersecurity insurance plan can at least help you recover some, if not all, of the losses and damages.

MSP Standards for Cybersecurity Insurance

As the need for cybersecurity insurance becomes more pressing, you must also become more discriminating in choosing a managed services provider to handle your cybersecurity insurance needs. However, as the business owner, you must fill out the form yourself instead of passing on this task to your MSP. However, your MSP can help you with much of the information you’ll need to fill out the form. If you are working with a Managed Service Provider, it makes sense to ask them if they have the resources to connect you with a reliable cybersecurity insurance agent. They will undoubtedly have plenty of contacts, and it would be in their best interest to recommend the best agent for you. Of course, you can also find an agent on your own if you wish, but you do have to be wary of unscrupulous entities such as fly-by-night companies who will suddenly be unreachable when you want to make a claim. Cyber insurance is recommended for all businesses these days. However, by no means will it make your business invincible against cybercrimes. Even after taking out a trustworthy policy, the MSP should continue providing first-class security solutions to your business. The more levels of top-quality protection you employ, the safer your business will be.

Why Choosing the Right MSP Is Important

Taking out an insurance policy for cybersecurity is not as simple as some business owners think. More than just adding such a plan, there is the matter of making sure you get paid back any losses. Cybersecurity insurance can protect your business against financial loss caused by cyber-attacks. The plan may include coverage for financial losses. Such as data breaches, data theft, ransomware extortion payments, system or network takeover, and company losses. This coverage is even more important if you store your sensitive data on a local server in your office. These systems can be easily breached by hackers looking for an easy target. If this is the case and you do not wish to look into cyber insurance, you should consider storing your data in the cloud for enhanced security. An experienced MSP can help you handle these procedures, and we recommend that you investigate them. Experts say that in 2022 the rate of cybercrime is expected to escalate even further. If you want to protect your assets, let us know! Let’s talk about how security, protection, and cyber insurance can help with the growth and success of your business in the coming year!

Disaster Data Recovery: Are You Prepared?

Most businesses have now gone digital, taking their processes online and storing data in the cloud and whatnot. While speedier transactions and greater portability make this technique very convenient, it also poses some risks. One of these is the risk of digital disasters and possible security breaches from all directions. In other words, if you aren’t vigilant, all of your company’s data can be stolen or encrypted. Do you have a disaster data recovery plan in place that meets all of your requirements?


Unforeseen Disasters And Breaches In 2021


In recent years, there have been numerous disasters that have affected global companies in different industries. Most of the attacks in 2021 came in the form of ransomware that took advantage of human gullibility.


The electronics company Acer took a hard blow in cyber-attacks in 2021. Overall, they ended up dealing with a $50 million ransom demand that a notorious hacking entity called ReEvil supposedly asked for in exchange for the return of a massive amount of stolen digital data.


In April of this year, Facebook suffered a security breach that exposed the personal information of over 530 million users. Screen scraping is a technique used by hackers to get information from websites. It’s how they were able to access the data files of almost 92% of LinkedIn members and obtain personal details like emails or phone numbers!


Because of the lockdowns and work-from-home setups, previously protected information became exposed in the digital world. Luckily, most companies had reliable security policies that protected data coming in and out of their office networks. However, with most individuals working remotely and using devices, it is difficult for a corporation to keep control over their security network, necessitating an upgrade.


The Importance Of Proper Preparation And Safeguarding Your SMB


Business owners often make the mistake of believing that something like this will never happen to their company. They like to believe that because they are a tiny firm, no hacker would be interested in attempting to compromise them. As a result, many don’t even bother to take precautionary measures to protect their small or medium-sized businesses from potential threats.


Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businesses are easy to crack and are typical targets of these hackers. Many companies lack the appropriate infrastructure and security tools to protect themselves from cyberattacks. To keep from being a victim, you must partner with a managed services provider that can provide you with an ironclad disaster data recovery plan.


Creating A Good Disaster Recovery Plan


Disaster data recovery is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. The process of developing this plan entails a great deal of deliberation and decision-making.


Begin by defining a sensible recovery time objective (RTO). This process is the amount of time you expect to be fully back on track after disaster strikes. The shorter the RTO, the more expensive the disaster data recovery will be, so you need to consider this.


Also, make sure to clearly outline the duties and responsibilities of each individual employee in your organization. In addition, establish a clear communication plan as well as security protocols.


Of course, the most crucial parts of disaster data recovery are having offsite data backup and installing dependable and updated anti-spyware tools on all the devices used for business procedures. You should also test your disaster recovery plan with your staff. That is the only way to find out if it works.


Hire A Professional MSP For Disaster Recovery


As you can imagine, disaster recovery is a complex matter. If you want to know that your plan can protect you, the best option is to have a fully managed disaster data recovery solution from a reliable MSP. 2021 slammed us with a plethora of serious security threats for SMBs, and it’s scary to think of what 2022 might bring.


Ensure the safety of your company now before it is too late! Contact us today, and we will show you how.

AI (Artificial Intelligence): Where It’s Going?

Artificial intelligence for most people today began with some very fantastical notions of computers taking over the world, largely due to the depiction of AI in motion pictures of decades past. Yet many of us have not realized that this innovative technology is already in use. Many are, in fact, already part of many aspects of our day-to-day lives. For small and medium business owners, there are now several AI SMB automated business processes that are used to expedite and ensure the growth and success of the business, which we will discuss further in this article.

A Brief History of AI

It’s not clear when or where the concept of artificial intelligence first began. Research started in 1956 in Dartmouth College, where millions of dollars funded what would turn out to be costly dead ends due to the unforeseen complexities of the project. AI research and development went on a rollercoaster ride after that, with investors alternately getting excited and then losing interest because of the lack of progress. It was after the turn of the century that AI began to see real-world usage. Not just in academics, but also in practical applications. New technology has enabled the integration of AI in research, education, as well as industry. Areas such as e-commerce, gaming, automobiles, healthcare, even agriculture.

AI as a Crucial Element in Businesses of Tomorrow

As of today, artificial intelligence has already permeated several of the crucial processes that are part of the regular management of any kind of business in the form of AI SMB automated business processes, procedures, and functions. It has made possible countless forms of advancement in the areas of online selling, inventory, and cybersecurity. All of these are vital to the successful operation of any business. Many AI SMB automated business processes are generic and apply to many businesses across different industries. Some examples of these are order processing, purchasing, quality assurance, and billing. Some are more industry-specific, like medical assessment or drug approval for the healthcare industry or trip booking and agent billing for the travel industry.

Common Automation Processes for Small and Medium Businesses

Let’s look at some simple and useful automation processes that can increase productivity and improve revenue for your small or medium business.

Email Auto-Responder

When a customer reaches out to your business and receives no reply for months, it can be very frustrating and could give them an unpleasant impression of your business. An auto-responder feature with a personal touch prevents this. The automation process can also direct the email to your sales team, letting them take over as soon as possible.

Marketing Automation

Many Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems include a marketing automation feature that allows you to execute an email campaign to all relevant contacts and turn them into actionable sales leads for your business.

Scheduling Software

This type of business automation eliminates a lot of wasted time when booking appointments. The system will automatically schedule your meetings and let everyone involved know by updating the calendar.

Chat Bots

A chatbot is a perfect tool for providing your clients with answers when customers have questions for you. Setting up a chatbot might require some time and effort. But once completed, AI will take over, and the process will be fully automated.

Keep up with the Latest AI Features with MSP Services

We are continuing to move towards a future where AI SM automated business processes are a part of daily life. Incorporate the latest Artificial Intelligence features that will help you grow your business. Contact us now and upgrade your system before the New Year begins!

A Second Look at your Hybrid Workforce

In the last two years, companies worldwide have transitioned from a traditional office setup towards a hybrid workforce model as a part of a solution to the pandemic situation. While many employees are going back to the office, physical capacity in the workplace is still limited, and many companies need to make adjustments to accommodate everyone. Many businesses are finding that using a hybrid workforce is a solid long-term solution.

Connecting Everyone through Teams

In a hybrid workforce environment, employees get divided into teams where some complete work at the office while others do their job from remote locations, usually from their homes. It lets work get completed while allowing social distancing.

The challenge for management is unifying their team and getting them to work as a unit, despite having employees working in separate physical locations. This setup is where a hybrid solution comes in. A working system comes with tools like stable network infrastructure and reliable and organized features that boost productivity. And, at the same time, the tools allow employees to coordinate seamlessly with other team members in the company for a consistent and coherent workflow.

Benefits of the Hybrid Workforce System

The main objective of a hybrid system is to create balanced work productivity and to maintain consistent team effort regardless of the location of the workers. Besides the obvious benefit of allowing companies to continue operating in the face of the pandemic, a hybrid workforce also provides multiple benefits to both the employer and the employees. In fact, because of these benefits, many employers have decided to utilize the hybrid system as part of their permanent work setup.

Reduced Physical and Emotional Anxiety

While it has been going on for almost two years, the pandemic is still far from over. Many people are still hesitant to take public transport. Many also avoid taking their work to public, nonsecure Wi-Fi settings. With a hybrid system, anxiety from these issues is eliminated for everyone.

More Economical

For the employer, a hybrid setup will dramatically reduce expenses with rental space or office maintenance. This will help free up funds for other aspects of the business. For the employee, there will no longer be a need for a daily commute. The cost will also reduce, helping you control the budget.

More Access to Resources

In a hybrid setup, employers can also hire international talents and not just local ones. Employers can easily employ services from workers from any part of the world. With the wide availability of online IT management services, it is easy to keep your technology ahead of the competition.

Taking a Cue from Microsoft’s Approach in Hybrid Workforce

Migrating any business into a hybrid workforce environment is a lot of work. The process is not overnight. Microsoft came up with an approach that we could follow and developed powerful tools that we could all use to navigate the challenges of the transition.

If you have not yet taken any steps to shift to a hybrid system, now is the perfect time to go through Microsoft’s Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders. You’ll learn more about the need to make the transition. How it can benefit your company and your employees, and how to make the shift successfully.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is one of the many innovative tools Microsoft has developed to support hybrid workforce environments. It will connect remote workers in the office using tools that are powerful, flexible, secure, and easy to use. If you do not use the Microsoft Suite, you can always use ZOOM or similar programs.

Up Your Hybrid Workforce Game with our Help

Working with an MSP is the most efficient way to achieve the highest productivity out of your new hybrid workforce. We can provide you with all technical advice and security as you shift your business to online usage. We use state-of-the-art tools to keep you ahead of the competition. Also do all kinds of assistance in terms of hardware, software, data storage, and online support. Contact us today to learn how to flawlessly integrate your existing work setup into an efficient hybrid workforce system.