Why is the door to your IT network propped open?

Why is the door to your IT network propped open?


Your team tells you the door is closed and locked. After someone comes in and steals your data, you find out that the door was actually propped open.


When it comes to your computer network, your protection is limited to the knowledge and skills of the people protecting your computer network.


Because the risks to your business are so high, you need an expert’s second opinion. And, it’s Free. No cost. No obligation.


Does this mean you could call us up every six months and have us check on the health of your network and NEVER pay us a dime? Yes.


The question is, Who will find the holes in your computer network first? Your team is doing the best that they can. A cyber-attacker? We hope not. Maybe your cyber-insurance carrier can be your second opinion. However, based on the results of their assessment, they may cancel your cyber-insurance coverage.


Our FREE Network and Security Assessment Includes:
1. Review how you use, share and back up data

  1. Dark web report of compromised passwords being sold on the web.
  2. 365 security review
  3. Email Security Review
  4. Multiple network and security scans
    6. Report of Findings and Executive Summary


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