remote work from home security practices

8 Practices for Safe Computing When Employees Work at Home

Employees working from home can be casual about their dress, but they shouldn’t be casual about their computing practices. Employers can help employees work safely when they’re working remotely by teaching them to follow these 8 practices.
cloud performance problems tips

4 Solutions for Performance Problems in the Cloud

One of cloud’s most important benefits is the ability to add capacity on demand, or even to scale automatically. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean cloud users will never experience performance problems. Learn how to address cloud performance problems.
distribution cloud technologies

How True Cloud Technologies Help Distributors Stay Future-Proof

Many distributors turn to ERP for the same reason they store products in warehouses and not apartments—ERP delivers room to grow, provides an easier way to organize a business, and ultimately helps companies stay future-proof.
quickbooks file size limitations

Never Let a QuickBooks File Size Hold You Back: Grow with Confidence in the Cloud

Running a growing business is hard. QuickBooks' performance decreases as the size of the company file increases. Though there are no actual limits on the size of your company data file, performance may be hindered if your network is not capable of handling large data files.
distribution ERP needs

How Best-in-Class Functionality Helps Distributors Get What They Want (and Need)

Today’s companies looking at ERP can get what they want—and what they need. Thanks to best-in-class functionality that’s built to integrate, we are quickly pushing towards ERP’s fourth era, according to Gartner.
desktop software socially distanced business

The Hassles of Using Desktop Software in a Socially Distanced Business

Time flies when you’re working from home. After four weeks, it’s likely you’ve settled into the work from home mentality and got your home office set up the way you like. But even though you’re ready to work, what about your software?
backup purposes disaster recovery

How Many Purposes Are Your Backups Supporting?

Backups need to serve multiple purposes and meet multiple requirements. Businesses that are still creating their backups the same way they always did should review their strategy to make sure it meets today’s backup requirements.
about network monitoring

Know What’s Happening on Your Network with Network Monitoring

Information security requires knowing what’s coming into your network so you can protect the valuable data inside. Network monitoring is a vital element of both infrastructure management and information security.
getting more from ERP

Getting More from ERP: New Gartner Report Predicts Push Toward Enterprise Business Capabilities

Fundamental changes are occurring in the way people acquire new capabilities from applications, and Cloud ERP development cycles offer much faster innovation adoption, which enables delivery of greater business value.