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6 things to consider when disposing of old tech

Keeping your business current with up-to-date technology will give you a competitive edge. But you can’t just dump old computers, smartphones, and other tech devices in the trash. Here are 6 things you should keep in mind as you dispose of old or outdated technology.

7 interesting tech facts you might not know

Whether you think of yourself as a technophobe or an IT expert, you will be surprised by these fascinating technology facts. From mobile apps to big data and even the Deep Web, the technological sphere is broader and stranger than most people suspect — and it has been for quite some time.

3 common computer problems & how to fix them yourself

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” has become a catchphrase because it’s effective and really works. While that solution can solve a lot of issues, there are other things you can try. Here are 3 common problems and some simple steps to try and fix them yourself.

7 tech gadgets that improve productivity

Technology advances are shaping the way businesses operate and opening up a world of opportunities. Enabling better and more efficient productivity is one of the advantages. Here are 7 tech gadgets that can improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace.

4 tech trends to watch in 2019

Tech trends move faster than ever before because innovation moves faster than it used to. Follow these tech trends in 2019 to make sure you don’t fall behind. Make it your resolution to work with the right IT service provider and keep your technology going strong year-round.

BYOD 101: The SMB owner’s starter guide

BYOD is a modern business acronym that stands for “bring your own device.” Today, most employees use their own mobile devices or laptops for work to some extent. Creating a solid BYOD plan, and ensuring that employees follow it, can save your organization from security nightmares.