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Client Testimonial: Canino Electric

Canino Electric has been with CCS Technology for more than a decade—and for good reason. CCS handles all of their IT needs, from basic support to emergency backup and recovery. As Canino’s CEO says, “whatever you need, that’s what they’re there to do.”

How to enhance Office 365 collaboration

In order to tap into Office 365 collaboration, you need to develop and implement the strategy and training that’s necessary. Leveraging the collaborative potential of Office 365 and its robust set of tools can make a powerful difference for your company.

Unlocking the power of OneNote

OneNote is an increasingly popular part of the Office 365 suite of programs, but many businesses have yet to unlock its full potential. This article covers seven time-saving, productivity-enhancing and little-known ways to put OneNote to work for your company.

5 amazing things you can do with cloud ERP

You might be used to using an on-premise ERP, but did you know there are some things you can do with a cloud-based solution that you might not be able to achieve otherwise? Here are a few of the advantages of cloud ERP that you might not know about.

Client Testimonial: JA Watts

JA Watts is in growth mode. They’re onboarding new employees at a fast rate, and they need everything to be ready for their new hires from day one. In addition to routine IT support, the team at JA Watts relies on CCS Technology to help them acquire and set up equipment for every new employee.

The cybersecurity employee training checklist

With the proper cybersecurity employee training you can ensure your business’s data and information is secure and that your employees aren’t a liability. Effective cybersecurity employee training is an essential step when it comes to protecting your company. A secure business is a protective one.

Client Testimonial: Reinke Supply

Reinke Supply worked with CCS Technology to update their IT equipment. Their servers were out of date, but they didn’t know the best way to upgrade. The CCS team brought them up to speed. Their story paints a great picture of what it’s like to get the tech support you deserve.