The 7 irresistible qualities of cloud ERPs

ERP tools are an understandably critical component for many businesses. Particularly if you focus on manufacturing or distribution, the benefits of utilizing an ERP are undeniable. And the introduction of cloud computing has revolutionized ERPs.

In recent years, industry experts have debated every pro and con of the cloud ERP. Over time, these newer cloud solutions have proven to be a viable option, especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Whether you’re updating your current ERP or are considering first-time implementation, here are seven reasons to consider going with a cloud solution.

1. Budget Friendly Launch

If you’re interested in saving money, here’s some good news. 82% of companies save money by moving to cloud solutions. While on-premise ERPs typically come with hefty startup costs, cloud-based ERPs are much more budget friendly up front. That savings allows SMBs to seize the advantages of improved efficiency without wiping out their annual budget on a single tool.

But be sure to shop around. Most vendors charge by the user, and those fees can add up. A few, like Acumatica, offer unlimited user spots, which allows for on-the-fly scalability without a price hike.

Source: Acumatica

2. Quicker, Easier Implementation

Rolling out a new on-premise ERP can be rough. The server has to be prepped, the software has to be installed, and then there’s the daunting task of making sure the new system plays nicely with the rest of your network. Even if everything goes smoothly, it’s rarely a speedy process.

By contrast, cloud-based implementation isn’t as painful. There’s not as much to configure and typically nothing to install. As a result, cloud ERPs deploy faster and with fewer headaches.

3. Tried and True Reliability

Cloud computing still feels like new technology, even though it’s been a steady part of the business world for nearly 20 years. Still, reliability is a top concern for business leaders. Can a cloud-based application deliver the same kind of consistent performance as an on-premise solution?

Yes. The cloud ERP isn’t an untested technology. Rather, there are quite a few vendors out there with solid track records for stability. You can opt for a cloud solution without sacrificing the assurance of reliable service.

4. Powerful Performance

In addition to stability, savvy business leaders also understand the importance of performance. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that cloud applications came with pretty significant drops in speed and functionality.

However, better connection speeds and other advancement have reshaped the landscape of cloud computing. Today, it’s possible to get the same kind of performance from an ERP you access via the cloud as one would expect from an on-premise solution.


5. Frustration-Free Maintenance

On-premise ERPs require a server and local maintenance. When you host the ERP yourself, there’s simply no way to avoid managing its health and performance. Given the dramatic impact of an ERP going offline, maintenance is a serious business.

If you’re not prepared to hire additional staff to maintain a new server, then a cloud-based ERP is a great way to go. The ERP provider will handle all the maintenance. You just log in and get to work, no maintenance required.

6. Baked-In Security

The very same folks who maintain your cloud ERP will also take care of the solution’s security. Keeping your data secure is one of the fundamental requirements for any cloud-based provider. Accurate, safe record-keeping is a top priority, and includes high standards for certification, compliance, and data backup and recovery.

Your ERP vendor’s security measures aren’t an adequate replacement for your own cyber security strategy. Still, it’s reassuring to know their focus includes keeping your data backed up and safe.

7. Access From Anywhere

Finally, cloud-based solutions give business leaders a level of accessibility that was unheard of even a few years ago. All you need is a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, and you have a way to check in on your business, review processes, update critical workflows, and keep tabs on top customers.

That kind of flexibility sets business leaders free. Often, a few swipes can give you the information you need, allowing you to focus on the client sitting in front of you rather than micro-managing each individual process. That’s freedom that impacts your bottom line and your quality of life.

Make Your Move to the Cloud

If you’re ready to unleash the power of utilizing a cloud ERP, CCS Technology can help. We know what it takes to streamline process management for manufacturing and distribution, and we’ve helped dozens of small to medium-sized businesses improve their efficiency. What’s more, we can guide you to the cloud solution that meets your needs without breaking your budget.

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