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Why Acumatica Outpaced NetSuite on the Most Recent G2 Survey

Prospective buyers of ERP software often compare Acumatica cloud ERP with Oracle NetSuite. The two solutions are broadly comparable, but with some notable differences. In March of this year, a survey by G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business soft­ware review platform, revealed a preference for Acumatica when compared with NetSuite.

What Acumatica and NetSuite have in common

Acumatica and NetSuite have similar features in many function areas. Both solutions offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options in the cloud. They both integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM), e-commerce and Business Intelligence (BI). They both enable mobility. Each has several dedicated industry packages, e.g. for manufacturing, distribution and so forth.

Differences between the solutions

What’s different between the two solutions? For one thing, regarding deployment, Acumatica gives its users a choice between on-premises, cloud and hybrid architectures. In contrast, NetSuite is only available in the cloud with a multi-tenant architecture.

Other distinctions include:

  • Scalability—Acumatica enables customers to add users at any time, at no additional cost due its “resource-based” pricing model. Customers pay for resources they consume. NetSuite charges on a per-user basis as well as for additional resources.
  • Relational database export—NetSuite’s ability to directly export data in a relational format is limited. Acumatica offers built-in automated backup service and snapshots. Users can access a fully relational copy of their data whenever they need one.
  • Customization—Acumatica facilitates customization with “point-and-click tools” or coding languages like C# and .NET. NetSuite relies on SuiteScript, a proprietary programming language. It is a not common language. With SuiteScript, it is difficult to find skilled developers who understand how to customize NetSuite.

Understanding the G2 user satisfaction ratings

The G2 user satisfaction ratings reveal some telling comparisons between Acumatica and NetSuite, however. Acumatica outperformed NetSuite in several categories. Acumatica users found the solution easier to use (82% of Acumatica users rated the solution for “Ease of use” vs. 74% for NetSuite.) Acumatica is evidently an easier company to do business with. (84% of Acumatica users cited “Ease of Doing Business With” vs. 71% for NetSuite.)

Other categories where Acumatica found higher satisfaction among G2 reviewers include:

  • Quality of support – 78% of Acumatica vs. 68% for NetSuite
  • Meets requirements – 84% of Acumatica vs. 79% for NetSuite
  • Ease of admin – 78% of Acumatica vs. 71% for NetSuite

Asked “Is the product headed in the right direction,” 88% of Acumatica users agreed, versus 68% of NetSuite users. In terms of Return on Investment (ROI), 30% of Acumatica user predicted they would see ROI with 12 months. For NetSuite, the figure was 23%. The numbers were the same for customers expecting ROI with 13-24 months: 30% for Acumatica vs 23% for NetSuite. For the long term, 5% of Acumatica users felt ROI would come in more than 48 months vs. 11% for NetSuite.

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The G2 findings are compelling. To figure out if Acumatica is right for your business, you’ll have to see for yourself. Learn more about comparing Acumatica vs. NetSuite. We can help. We have guided many clients in their decision about which ERP solution is the best for their particular business. Contact us to learn more.