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Balance Risks and Rewards When Making the Cloud Decision

Deciding to invest in cloud technology, like making any IT investment, requires balancing the risks against the rewards. This scale will tilt differently for every business depending on its internal priorities and the challenges of its internal IT. How do these numbers stack up for you?

The Importance of Project Cost Management

Project-based businesses need more than basic accounting. The income statement has a section for revenue and a section for costs. This is great for preparing the tax return or reporting to shareholders. If you want to know how much you’re making or losing on projects, you won’t find it in the income statement. You’ll need specialized project accounting software.

Discover the Dangers of the Dark Web

The dark web is a vibrant marketplace, filled with stolen data (account numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and other personal information) and tools for hacking. For businesses to protect themselves against the dark web’s dangers, the first step is to know when the dark web is brushing up against them.

What is the Dark Web and Why Should We Care?

The Dark Web is a conglomeration of websites that cannot be found on search engines or accessed via traditional web browsers because their location and identity is hidden through encryption tools such as TOR. People create sites on the Dark Web in order to hide where they’re operating from.

Create An Information Security Culture to Protect Your Data

Who do you rely on to keep your data safe? If your answer is your information security team, you’re only half right. Because everyone can cause a security incident, information security is everybody’s job. Making everyone realize that requires deliberately creating a culture of information security.