differences between backup disaster recovery and archiving

The Differences Between Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Archiving Matter

Backup, disaster recovery, and archiving all create or use copies of data, but they have different purposes and objectives. We’ve talked before about how backup is not disaster recovery; backups are also not an archive solution.
manufacturing kpis erp software

KPIs for Manufacturing and ERP Software

By collecting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), decision makers are able to critique matters much more quickly. Modern ERP systems can track these metrics and present them in easy-to-read dashboard displays with graphics that provide real-time views.
erp inventory management for distribution

Benefits of Inventory Management Software for Your Distribution Company

Implementation of a cloud-based ERP system, allows companies to manage inventory and the distribution process efficiently and without losing track of costs.
cloud technology success

Here’s What It Takes to Succeed at Cloud

Truly succeeding at cloud begins with understanding the technology, having a strategy that aligns cloud use with business needs, and putting appropriate support teams and systems in place.
Managed Services Provider

5 Tips for Getting the Best Results from a Managed Services Provider

There are many things to think through when you choose a managed services provider, and hopefully you select a provider that’s a good fit for your business. But don’t stop thinking about your managed services provider once you sign the contract.
cloud ERP qualities

Qualities to Look for in a Cloud ERP

A cloud-based system offers organizations state-of-the-art technology, which is revolutionizing the way professionals work. There are clear advantages that a cloud-based ERP can offer a business.
ERP for Distribution Companies

ERP for Distribution Companies

Distribution companies are eyeing the future with a bold, new outlook. Modern ERP solutions are beginning to change the way these businesses operate. Cutting-edge, cloud-based software is changing the game in the way distributors operate
ROI Cloud

Calculating the ROI of Moving to the Cloud

The implementation of ERP software can smooth processes within a business, improving the overall ROI (return on investment) of an organization. Here are a handful of the ways an ERP system can improve ROI for businesses.
types of malware and how to defend against it

Different Kinds of Malware Need Different Kinds of Defenses

Malware can take many different routes to get into your systems, and once there, it can do many different things. Keeping your data safe requires protecting against all of those different potential paths and actions.