microsoft teams increase collaboration

Improving Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

The drive for better ways to collaborate in corporate life never stops. Now, with Microsoft Teams, we have one collaboration solution that unifies the most common functions required to enable people to get things done productively.
reasons distributors need ERP Software

5 Reasons Distributors Need ERP Software

Today, modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions give distributors new ways to cut costs and shorten that all-important cash cycle. Here are five reasons you need ERP software if you’re in the distribution business
it security basics

Don’t Overlook These Information Security Basics

The reason companies fail at information security isn’t because they aren’t installing the latest high-tech defensive software. It’s because they aren’t taking care of the security basics. What are some of the other information security basics you might be overlooking?
ways to keep cloud secure

6 Ways to Keep Your Cloud Secure

To make sure your cloud resources are properly protected, you need to review the security features offered by your cloud provider and make sure you implement them properly. Learn 6 things you should review closely.
hybrid it managed services

Overcome the Challenges of Hybrid IT With Managed Services

Some of the challenges of hybrid IT come simply because the complexity means there are more choices and more decisions to be made. Managed services can help you get control back over this complex infrastructure.
disaster recovery plan

Craft An Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

If you don’t want to be scrambling in the middle of a crisis, you need a plan. Here’s what to think about as you develop your disaster recovery plan to make sure you get out of the situation and back into normal operations fast.
erp software supply chain

How ERP Software Can Promote a Sustainable Supply Chain

Implementation of a state-of-the-art cloud-based ERP solution could improve efficiencies within the company, while streamlining the supply chain, to grow a more profitable company for decades to come.
ERP Professional Services

The Value of Implementing an ERP for Professional Service Organizations

Leaders in the Professional Services industry can benefit from a modern cloud-based ERP system that enables them to provide a better service delivery methodology with employees that are prepared to provide customer support — transferring both timely response and expert quality.
protect against phishing emails

Don’t Click That Link! Protect Your Business Against Phishing Emails

The weak point in your information security strategy is your people. There’ll always be somebody who falls for a phishing email and clicks on a dangerous link. It’s important to take steps to block dangerous emails.