Better Patch Management

Get the Basics Right With Better Patch Management

Success in any organization begins with mastering the fundamentals. In information technology, one of the most fundamental practices is patch management. Software and firmware need periodic updates to address security vulnerabilities and other issues.
Moving Applications to the Cloud

Choose the Right Approach for Moving Applications to the Cloud

If the cloud were throwing a party, it would send out two kinds of invitations: come as you are, or dress for the occasion. Learn the right approach for moving your applications to the cloud and ensure you obtain all the benefits you expect from using cloud.
ERP Software What to Look For

5 Things to Look for in an ERP Software

Modern ERP software solutions help employees work smarter, improving efficiency and visibility across the organization; this can include everything from purchasing and sourcing, manufacturing, and inventory control to sales and marketing, distribution and customer relationship management.
Advantages of a True Cloud Management Software

Advantages of a True Cloud Management Software

Moving from an outdated legacy ERP system to the cloud is a wise choice. As businesses plan for migration from outdated legacy systems, it’s important decision makers understand that there are a lot of solutions marketed as “cloud” that don’t quite fit the bill.
How to Select an ERP Solution

How to Select an ERP Solution

When it comes to evaluating an ERP system, it is important to understand the steps the organization must take to ensure the procurement process runs as smoothly as the most refined solution on the market. Get tips here.
SMBs upgrade to the cloud

Why SMBs Should Upgrade to the Cloud

What should SMB’s do to remain competitive? Looking to the cloud can help such organizations respond to the demands of the day with modern technology that allows them to go nose to nose with businesses of like size, as well as larger corporations.
Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

7 Common Mistakes That Place Your Data in Danger

It's easy to make mistakes when configuring or managing systems and accidentally make yourself vulnerable to attack. Take a few minutes to double-check that you're not making these common errors.
Backups Disaster Recovery

Backups Are Not A Disaster Recovery Solution

Backups are an important part of your disaster recovery strategy, but they aren't the complete solution by any means. Disaster recovery requires a much more comprehensive planning process.
Choosing the Right Cloud Model

Choose the Right Cloud Model to Meet Your Business Needs

Matching technology to your business needs is always complicated. When it comes to cloud, understanding the different "as a service" models is important to make sure you receive the benefits you're hoping to get by using this technology.