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Searching the Dark Web Should be Part of Your Information Security Strategy

Peering into dark corners can be scary, especially when it’s the dark corners of the web. If you’re concerned about whether company data has been exposed on the dark web, you have to go looking for it, but you need to do it carefully. There won’t be blinking signs lighting the way to your stolen info, and if you aren’t careful, you can even draw unwanted attention. Nevertheless, there’s more risk in ignoring the shadows than in checking to see what they’re hiding. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Checking the dark web lets you know if you’ve been victimized

Every business is vulnerable to attack, but it isn’t always obvious that an attack was successful. Because hackers often post stolen data on the dark web, finding it there confirms that you’ve been attacked and lets you know what sensitive data was taken. You can then focus your security efforts to change those stolen passwords and increase security where you were vulnerable. While some of that new security is reactive, knowing what’s on the dark web can identify new threats and let you be proactive in adding security measures, too.

It isn’t easy to find your data

There’s all kinds of stolen data available on the dark web, but it isn’t easy to access or to identify where it came from. In addition, there may be data about your business on the dark web that wasn’t stolen but can still make you more vulnerable to attack. Some data on the dark web may even be completely innocuous. You can easily waste a lot of time trying to find data and then figure out whether what you found is significant.

You can make yourself more vulnerable when you explore the dark web

The queries you do when you search the dark web can leave a trail the bad guys can analyze to learn more about your IT resources. It’s important to be smart about exploring the dark web to make sure you learn more than you reveal.

What are the kinds of things you should look for on the dark web? You’ll want to search for data that reveals the inner workings of your business, plus sensitive information about customers. This includes data about your executives, including their personal information and information about their activity outside of work. Customer data, including personal data and account information, is also online. In addition to data about people, there may be data about systems, including helpful hints on how to set up fraudulent accounts or bypass security measures.

You may want to look for more than lists including name, address, account number; there’s code on the dark web, so it’s worth looking for proprietary source code along with other intellectual property.

Protect Your Business With CCS Technology Group

Protecting your business requires knowing what data has made its way onto the dark web. CCS Technology Group’s dark web scan provides a safe way to peer into dangerous places on the web and gather the insights you need to protect yourself from further damage. Contact us to learn more about why exploring the dark web should be part of your cybersecurity strategy.

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