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Why Every Finance Executive Needs Cloud ERP

It would be an understatement to say that finance executives have a lot of responsibilities. If you’re in charge of overseeing your company’s accounting operations, you need an ERP platform that supports accurate reporting, budgeting, auditing and tax compliance along with financial forecasting and bank account management. Tracking finances across an organization requires strong analytical capabilities, which are supported by the latest cloud ERPs like Acumatica.

Acumatica Financial Management is a full-featured accounting suite that addresses the most complex requirements for companies of all sizes. Plus, it integrates with Project Accounting, Customer Resource Management (CRM), Manufacturing Management, and other product suites offered by Acumatica. Here are some other compelling reasons why finance executives need cloud ERP to run their company’s accounting and finance operations:

More Informed Decision Making

Finance and accounting processes/systems can be implemented across an organization, increasing the insights and analytical capabilities available to you. Complete reports and dashboards provide real-time views of performance and important trends. Data can be analyzed from a centralized location, improving business intelligence. At the same time, cloud ERP lets you monitor key performance indicators such as revenue goals, profitability goals, equity and throughput. You can run recurring reports such as accounts payables aging and days-cash as well as customized reports that feature data-intensive analysis and data visualization.

Accurate Financial Records

You can use the integrated CRM, accounting and operations modules of Acumatica to track all aspects of your business as they relate to finance and accounting. In addition to ensuring regulatory and audit compliance, Acumatica supports accounts payable/receivable, payroll management, project cost tracking and tax management. It even supports multi-currency transactions and can be implemented by multi- and international companies. If multiple companies or entities in your organization are using Acumatica, each one can have their own books. Yet, each entity’s accounting systems can be quickly integrated to provide a full overview of the business.

Streamlined Operations

A centralized financial management solution lets you make well-informed decisions with fewer errors, while being able to close the books faster during each reporting period. Changes are made in real time, regardless of where—and on what device—they are made. All shared information is up to date. This provides a complete audit trail and full visibility into business operations.

Exceptional Functionality

As a finance executive, you can use Acumatica’s General Ledger to view charts of accounts and manage allocations, assets and liabilities. Accounts Receivable lets you generate invoices, collect and apply payments and track commissions. With Accounts Payable, you can manage cash flow, pay suppliers faster and improve supplier relationships.

Acumatica also automates deferred revenue calculations and lets you apply a subscription model for customers that automates recurring billing, payments and collections. Fixed asset management lets you add fixed assets from AP purchases, import a file or add items individually. In addition, Acumatica supports pre-defined and custom depreciation schedules to let you manage a wide range of assets.

The Solution to Streamlined Financial Management

Acumatica is suited for anyone in charge of managing a company’s finances. Whether you’re a Treasurer, Bookkeeper, VP of Finance or a Chief Financial Officer, Acumatica Financial Management provides complete visibility and control across your entire business.

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