Acumatica 2019 R1 Features

What’s New in Acumatica 2019 R1

Acumatica was built as a true cloud solution from the ground up. It is designed to meet the needs of its customers — making it easier for end users to do their jobs. But those at Acumatica know there’s no room for complacency and continual improvements are needed to stay in tune with growing needs and technological developments.

The latest update includes compliance necessities, interface improvements, or better integrations. Customer requests drive Acumatica’s twice-yearly improvements. The most recent: R1 2019 features big changes to make the product better.

The 2019 R1 Release launched after acclaim for its Beta version — read the press release to learn more!

New Features

With continued focus on its award-winning platform, usability, and customer satisfaction for the broad midmarket, Acumatica — the world’s fastest-growing ERP company — launched the first of its two annual updates.

The system’s applications continue to expand in functionality, work seamlessly together across modules, and increase overall ease of performance, as a result of Acumatica’s xRP platform. Customer experiences are at the forefront of Acumatica’s strategy, as in every release the company improves the underlying system to evolve usability and improve efficiency.

Let’s look at what enhancements were made to leading focuses:

Financial Management

The core financial management application saw some of the largest enhancements, including a thorough list of improvements:

Predefined List of Currencies: A predefined list of all currencies (included in the ISO 4217 standard) is now provided within the system.  

Different Start Periods for Companies in the Same Tenant: Companies that work in Financial Management, with multiple legal entities are now able to have different fiscal year-end dates. Organizations are able to accelerate implementation, while simplifying maintenance for businesses that share vendors/stock items/employees. They will also be able to run consolidation operational reports, and facilitate the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Order Management and Inventory

System-wide inventory tracking can help manage distribution processes without losing track of costs. Acumatica’s newest release improves inventory tracking software; here are the latest features:

Automated Warehouse Operations (WMS): WMS provides users with the power to complete warehouse operations with inventory items, such as picking, packaging, PO receiving, putting away, transferring, and physical counting by using barcode scanners. Mobile devices are also able to be utilized.

Ship-to info

The Sales Order invoice includes multiple shipments or orders with different addresses.

Project Accounting

Acumatica’s R1 release makes it easier for businesses to maximize project profitability and visibility, including those who are focused on project accounting.

Multi-Currency Project Accounting: It’s now possible to enter project transactions in different currency. Both project managers and accountants have the ability to calculate project profitability in both the project currency and the base currency, and to present customer costs in the customer’s currency.

Project Budget Forecast by Period: Users forecast original and revised budget amounts and quantities for existing project budget lines — the financial periods are noted on the master calendar. With project budgeting by period, users can forecast original and revised budget amounts and quantities. Each project can have multiple budget revisions.

Company-Specific Financial Periods in Project Accounting: This functionality provides the opportunity for companies to use project accounting within the same tenant with different fiscal year-end dates.

Field Service Management

A wide variety of features are necessary to support customers in the Field Service companies. Here are some techniques that can work:

  • Calendar Boards: This field services management software enables customization of the calendar board by rotating the members vs time axis. Changing the time range to show schedules for one week or a month, give further insight. Users are also able to reassign an appointment from one staff member to another and change the dates — viewing the agenda for a group of staff members on a particular week or month.
  • Location Tracking: Through mobile device GPS location, each and every technician can be tracked.
  • Easily Generate Invoices: Service personnel can now directly generate an invoice from a service order appointment.

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