True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud

If you are thinking it is time to embrace a fully integrated ERP system, or replace your aging ERP system you will find an overwhelming number of choices.  How do you know which is best for you?  You will find expert advice for comparing solutions, but they may miss one of the most critical choices that should be at the top of your criteria list. Is the solution truly a cloud based solution, or is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Many “cloud” solutions are simply repackaged older technology on-premise solutions that are being run on a cloud server, but lack True Cloud features.


It is more than using mobile devices

True cloud software supports all mobile devices without requiring additional software. However, just being mobile doesn’t provide the benefits you need to compete.  When it comes to growing your business, speed is the name of the game. Your bottom line depends on your ability to exploit new business opportunities before your competitors do.  Post Covid distribution businesses are getting squeezed in the supply chain and  keeping up with customer demand.  New warehouses are springing up everywhere and one is bigger than the other.  Skilled labor is impossible to hire and you will have a wide variety of computer skills levels in your employee base.


It is about making more with less

As a distribution Business Owner you are looking for ways to fill more orders faster – with less people.  Your purchasing department needs to know what is selling, what stock is in low status and they have to do that without having a 2 hour meeting with the warehouse manager.  Centralized information is key, and a True cloud system that is easy to use and accessible to all employees all the time is the vehicle to make that happen.  When cloud technology is deployed to its fullest potential, it can remove the biggest obstacles to productivity at all stages of the business. Removing the barriers to getting information into the system improves the executive decision making process.  After all, the best decisions are made when you have better information with which to weigh those decisions. Deciding to take a hit or stand while playing blackjack is easier if you know what cards have already been played from the deck.


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