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First-Class IT Services for the Second City. Unlock your data, connect your business, and do more with IT services from CCS. Bring. IT. On.

Established as the city that connects the nation, Chicago has long been the hub that connects east and west.  Manufacturing, agricultural trade, and distribution may have been the first to thrive in this city, but the city has kept evolving and innovating. Today, the city is home to a diverse landscape of businesses who keep America moving.

But today, every business is a digital business. Distribution firms need to process information faster, manufacturing centers are relying on an evolving stack of technology to build, and financial firms need to become more agile, reliable, and secure. No matter the industry, it’s all about IT.

For decades, CCS Technology Group has delivered IT services for Chicago-based companies, helping them gain time, resources, and peace of mind while they focus on what matters to them—running their business.

With nearly three centuries combined experience, our pros are here for you.

IT Services for Chicago Businesses

Local service from a company who cares about partnership. We’re here for the long term and among our long list of IT services: